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2012 Celebration of Light Schedule

Blog by Adam Knight | July 16th, 2012

  Well it Summer in Vancouver and this is when this city shines with not only sunshine but also some great events. The 2012 Honda Celebration of Light are scheduled again for Vancouver and the West End, this is the Worlds largest offshore fireworks competition  and this year they are proud to have Vietnam, Brazil and Italy competing, this is the first time these countries have participated in this event. This event is 3 nights and invites hundreds of thousands of people down to the West End of Vancouver and English Bay to watch the event front and centre, there are also many other places around Vancouver to catch this event including Kits, on a West End roof top or your new best friends boat.  So get out this summer and enjoy.


2012 Celebration of Light Schedule

  • Saturday July 28th: Vietnam 10:00pm
  • Wednesday August 1st: Brazil 10:00pm
  • Saturday August 4th: Italy 10:00pm

Traffic and Road Closures


Keep in mind that you should take transit to this event and you can find a route planner herehttp://tripplanning.translink.ca/ , there will be road closures all through the West End restricting only people with valid West End permits or proof of residency through. There will be so much traffic coming to down town Vancouver that parking will be very hard to find and cost a lot, it will be hard to navigate the city so to get a good seat in time think about riding your bike or finding another way to get down to the fun.

Come down early to get a good viewing spot and join the ton of pre fireworks action, bring a picnic or a BBQ and make a full night of it. Remember to be safe and be respectful to the neighbourhood, the people around you and please take out what you bring in so that we can keep the West End of Vancouver looking as beautiful as it does now 


Blog by Adam Knight

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